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The Team

Who We Are

Dungeons & Dragons (or simply D&D) is a huge part of our cafe's community, culture, and schedule. Learn more about how the game takes place in Roast & Roll, how to join a group, or how to run your own session or campaign!


The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game

Join the world's largest community of tabletop RPG enthusiasts. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is humanity's favourite storytelling game. This love for fantasy fables is alive and well in Banbridge and Northern Ireland as a whole!


An eager and friendly player base

There are always people looking for games here at Roast & Roll. Keep an eye out for games popping up in our discord server, or propose a session you would like to run yourself! There's a good chance you'll hook a few players hungry for some RPG action!


A library of possibilities

Plenty of core books and expansions for D&D 5th edition are available to read for free in the cafe! Work on your character, campaign, or one-shot while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and one of our homemade traybakes! Many of these books are also available for purchase in our retail section.

Dice Goblins welcome!

D&D should come with a warning about the dangers of shiny plastic rocks. Sooner or later everyone becomes a Dice Goblin! We have dozens of dice of all varieties to add to your growing collection. Whether you prefer colourful dice, dice with items or animals inside, metal dice, or even giant dice we're sure you'll find something you like!


More than just D&D

Although D&D is the most popular system, it is not the only one. There are countless incredible systems out there just waiting for you to try them! We have a small collection of systems ranging from grim Sci-Fi westerns to light hearted magical schools! Some of these core books and expansions are also available to purchase in our retail section!


Battle it out with minis and terrain

A collection of hand-painted minis and hand-crafted terrain pieces are available to bring your combat encounters to life! So far we only have minis and terrain for playing in store, but we are working on bringing them to our retail section! Keep an eye on the newsletter for updates.


I want in! Where do I start?

Simply pop into the cafe or join our Discord server and start chatting with other members of the community! We have dedicated channels for RPGs. Chat about RPGs in general in #ttrpg, ask about games or propose a session in #looking-for-players, see what the DMs are talking about in #dm-hangout, or sign up for the beginner-friendly drop in table in #drop-in-table!

Interested in running games at home? We have Starter Sets, Essentials Kits, all of the core books, and a wide selection of accessories available for purchase in our retail section.

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