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A Bit About Us

Welcome to Roast & Roll, Northern Ireland's newest games café!


Our goal is to offer a range of products from quality coffee to niche board games while fostering a community of game enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy a quiet game of cards, a dramatic role-playing session, a family favourite board game, or a nail-biting table top battle, there is something for everyone.

We first started taking the idea of a games café seriously in February 2022. What began as a dream shared between two friends has slowly evolved into a reality. We have a location, a setup, a growing community, and now all we need is your support to help make Roast & Roll a reality.

Our Kickstarter campaign launched on the 1st of August with the goal of raising over £10,000 by the 10th of September. With the help of our generous backers we were able to open our doors on Thursday the 29th of September, 2022. Now we just need to  continue to expand our events schedule, grow our community, and introduce people to new games and new friends, all while serving delicious coffee and homemade traybakes. So get ready to Roast and Roll!


Meet The Team


Aaron Bushby - Cofounder

An avid tabletop gaming fan and Banbridge local, Aaron has been involved in the hobby for years. He has been absorbed by tabletop RPGs in particular since 2016. Experienced with more complex board games, Warhammer 40,000, and several different TTRPG systems, Aaron is eager to help anyone find their new hobby among the cards and dice of Roast & Roll. Aside from running the café with his decade long friend, Harry, Aaron hosts a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that has been consistently running for nearly 4 years.

Harry Singer - Cofounder

Harry has followed many aspects of tabletop gaming for decades. His love of Dungeons & Dragons evolved from trying out several different tabletop RPG systems in 2015. Confident with board games, trading card games, and a host of TTRPG systems, Harry will be at the ready to introduce anyone to a game and show them the ropes. In his free time he also runs his own Dungeons & Dragons campaign, while also building decks and slinging cards in Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon. The resident deck builder, Harry is always keen to shuffle and play.


Products include

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